NaNoWriMo 4

Aset was sat in the television café, defending what little space she had on the table from the others crammed in to watch the proceedings. It was little more than a pub with a large cathode-ray television taking up one corner. She did wonder how many had smaller televisions at home, but wanted to be … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 4


NaNoWriMo Part 3

Between the clicks of the Geiger counter were only footsteps. This was once Paris, but very few remained to call it as much. The snow that fell was fallout, radioactive soot made up of every once-living thing in France. They’d found a dying world, one where the Cuban Missile Crisis ended with the United Atates … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Part 3

The Hunt, Part 3

From Part 2 The four gathered around a lone sock nestled in the roots of grand tree, one with half a sensor still attached. There were footprints in the dirt, meandering between the trees, heading off in the opposite direction to the hut. For the first time in Elis and Brewill’s long employment, the forest … Continue reading The Hunt, Part 3