The Fire Bird

Late 2014, I had chosen to be part of a side-project at university. Myself and a group of other students would go into a school once a week to teach year fives various arts skills. Our chosen theme was myths and legends from around the world. We took to the university library, which had plenty … Continue reading The Fire Bird


The Hunt, Part 3

From Part 2 The four gathered around a lone sock nestled in the roots of grand tree, one with half a sensor still attached. There were footprints in the dirt, meandering between the trees, heading off in the opposite direction to the hut. For the first time in Elis and Brewill’s long employment, the forest … Continue reading The Hunt, Part 3

The Other You

A few years ago, I was asked to write a story for my university's media magazine. For whatever reason, they used my first draft instead of the version with ending that's any good. For posterity, I present the version the world was meant to see. I am writing this as a warning to anyone that may … Continue reading The Other You