Clarke Sector

This is something a little different. I'm planning/hoping to run a RPG in the near future, using either Stars Without Number or Mongoose Traveller 2e. This page will be updated. I will probably even write session recaps for my own amusement. For now, here is a string of Traveller Universal World Profiles, with planet and … Continue reading Clarke Sector


The Hunt, Part 2

From Part 1 A peculiarity of evolution that humanity had found was that there were only so many ecological niches a creature could fill, and only so many ways a creature could exploit those niches. For example, consider medium herbivores. In Europe, you have deer, in Africa, antelope and in Australia, the humble kangaroo. The … Continue reading The Hunt, Part 2

The Other You

A few years ago, I was asked to write a story for my university's media magazine. For whatever reason, they used my first draft instead of the version with ending that's any good. For posterity, I present the version the world was meant to see. I am writing this as a warning to anyone that may … Continue reading The Other You